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Vajazzling is a new trend where crystals are glued on the pubic area to give your brazilian some bling. The crystals will last anywhere from 3-5 days and is very safe n’ easy. Great for women getting married, an anniversary, for Valentines or just because!


~Will Vajazzling hurt the man?
It’s not a problem at all. The crystals aren’t sharp. They don’t cut into or grate against the man.
~How long do the crystals stay on?
A quality salon or spa will guarantee the vajazzling crystals to stay on for 3-5 days. That is the current standard amongst salons and spas.

~Where exactly do the Vajazzle crystals go?
They’re glued to the freshly shaven or waxed area just over the pubic bone. This is a safe spot that won’t interfere with toilet duties and won’t rub off as easily.

~What happens when hair grows back?
A typical Vajazzle application lasts a few days. In this time, depending on how you trimmed, your skin could still be smooth. Of course, every woman is different. By the time your pubic hair grows back, the vajazzling crystals will have fallen off on their own. Ideally you should wax instead of shave. A wax keeps the skin smoother for a longer period of time.

~Can I Vajazzle over my tattoos?
Tattooed skin should be cared for and treated just as regular skin in this regard. Vajazzling around tattooes can be a creative way to add sparkle to an already existing design on your body.